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LoremBoard is the best portfolio dashboard for the farmer. It offers crypto tracking not only for today but also fetches the history which will help you forecast. The platform provides invaluable insights to help you make investment decisions. It facilitates collection, display, analysis, notification, and suggestion for any kind of information.

This post will provide a walk through of the LoremBoard platform highlighting some of its amazing features.

Wallet History

The first major feature is the Wallet with the history feature. …

Kururu is a decentralized application that offers efficient order book creation. The decentralized exchange platform offered by Kururu enables us to create orders to swap tokens.

Let us take an example where we want to swap 1000 BUSD to 1000 USDC in the AMM system. On the original DEX platform, we are bound to face many factors that reduce the final token value such as slippage, price impact, and fees. Also, many price manipulation bots like a sandwich bot. On the Kururu platform, it is guaranteed that you will not have to face such issues.

In this article post, we…

KillSwitch is the winner of the SCB 10x Hackathon that was organized in March. The main intention of this project intentional is to help HRYF(High-Risk Yield Farmer) to exit a High-risk farm quickly. After relentless development and stress testing for 4 months, they have released their first version.

KillSwitch is a smart and sophisticated yield farming aggregator that offers a high degree of security and convenience to Binance Smart Chain yield farmers.

The highlight feature is the one-click feature. With just a click, users can un-stake, withdraw Liquidity Position from their funds and sell their high-risk coins instantly.

In this…

An order book is a digital listing book that keeps and lists all the buy/sell orders of the specific crypto asset. Its major function is to maintain the tokens enumeration that is being sold or bought at a particular price point. In every case where an exchange is established using a Binance clone script, it will automatically be a CEX based on the order book.

The order book also provides a solution for exchanges where liquidity is high. It helps to manage low slippage without concerning the trading volume.
Generally, there are Dapp platforms that help you place the limit order…

Polygon is actually a layer-2 scaling solution whose main objective is to convey mass adaptation to the Ethereum platform. Polygon brings Layer-2 scalability to Ethereum with its multi-chain ecosystem. It drastically improves the overall efficiency and workings of the Matic network. The main aim is to create more and more solutions to scalability.

Photo by Cody Hiscox on Unsplash

A liquidity bridge is the first thing a decentralized bridge platform needs to get started with the applications. It helps to maintain the risk level while making transactions.

Here, we are going through the top 5 Liquidity Polygon Bridge Service that is top-notch in the service and functionality they provide in terms of liquidity.


NorthBridge is the cross-chain bridge tool that helps you send tokens across the blockchain network. It has support for Binance Smart Chain, Polygon (MATIC), and BITKUB. The KillSwitch team is also the winner of the SCB10X hackathon.

Why it is the best? On other bridges, the general problem you will face is liquidity running out. On Northbridge, they solve this issue by creating a yield farm so that other farmers can help provide liquidity and receive a portion of the swap fee.

In this article, we will review how to move funds from Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to Polygon network…

All the Safemars holders should feast their eyes on Foodcourt Finance. The new farming pool for Safemars holders is live on Foodcourt Finance.

Just holding the Safemars token can be considered boring. It will be beneficial to start yield farming with your Safemars token.

For yield farming, Foodcourt Finance has established a new farm for Safemars holders.

HERE, You can start yield farming on Foodcourt to get more COUPON tokens. Also, the platform offers many use-cases which you can read in detail on Foodcourt’s official gitbook.

You might also be skeptical about moving tokens on your wallet which will cut tax in every transaction. But the FoodCourt’s innovative dev team has devised a solution for that as well. You can wrap your token…

In the previous post, I wrote about Northbridge, the cross-chain bridge between Binance Smart Chain and Polygon Network. However, there is one inevitable thing that every bridge tool has to face which is low liquidity. Hence, they started to partner with other financial platforms to solve this issue. Likewise, NorthBridge partnered with Foodcourt finance to solve this issue. After following the project for a while, I found out that this finance platform is different from other PancakeSwap clones that able to solve this real problem (low liquidity) and triggers all-new innovative products. This is a wow moment for us.


Good news for Safemoon holders who want more yield. If you are bored by just only holding the token, why not try to start yield farming with your Safemoon token.

You might not believe it but it’s true.

Foodcourt.Finance has established a new farm for Safemoon holders.

The SafeMoon is a community-driven, fair launched DeFi Token that employs Reflection + LP acquisition + Burn as functions.

HERE, You can start yield farming on Foodcourt to get more COUPON tokens. Also, the platform offers many use-cases which you can read in detail on Foodcourt’s official gitbook.

This looks pretty interesting for…

Why Ethereum is crushing Bitcoin…?

There is high speculation that Ethereum outperforms Bitcoin by the end of the year 2021. This is mainly due to the drop in Bitcoin value to three years low of 42% in recent weeks. During this drop in market value, while all cryptocurrency values are dropping, Etheruem has managed to capture almost 19% of the total market. Moreover, Etheruem is still up by 280% while Bitcoin is up by just about 42–43%. Hence, the major focus is Etheruem is crushing bitcoin across most of the major matrices and this can be the right time to invest in Ethreum.

There is…

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