Start Yield Farming With SafeMars

All the Safemars holders should feast their eyes on Foodcourt Finance. The new farming pool for Safemars holders is live on Foodcourt Finance.

Krissanawat Kaewsanmuang
2 min readJun 24, 2021

Just holding the Safemars token can be considered boring. It will be beneficial to start yield farming with your Safemars token.

For yield farming, Foodcourt Finance has established a new farm for Safemars holders.

HERE, You can start yield farming on Foodcourt to get more COUPON tokens. Also, the platform offers many use-cases which you can read in detail on Foodcourt’s official gitbook.

You might also be skeptical about moving tokens on your wallet which will cut tax in every transaction. But the FoodCourt’s innovative dev team has devised a solution for that as well. You can wrap your token and then, create a new wrap token. FoodCourt has claimed that it is free to move wSAFEMARS token for now.

Wrapped yield farming

First of all, we need to start wrapping our Safemars token by going to this link. You will get rSAFEMARS token too. For more detail about this token, you can visit FoodCourt’s gitbook on rewards which will lead you to the page showing the following screenshot:

Next, we need to bring BNB and wSAFEMARS to add Liquidity as directed in the screenshot below:

Now, the next thing to do is to deposit LP token by navigating to the FoodCourt’s Farms page:


This is highly beneficial news for SafeMars holders. The innovative approach from FoodCourt.Finance has made yield farming easier for SafeMars holders by providing the wrapped yield farming mechanism. It is always great to have an additional way to earn more on tokens. That’s why we can put out faith in FoodCourt.Finance.