Kururu the simple order-book Dapp on Binance Smart Chain

Creating Order

From the Home page, we can create the order to trade tokens which is simple and just as in other exchange platforms:


On the explorer page, we can observe the live market in real-time and make decisions on orders that we want to process. The screenshot of the explorer screen is shown in the screenshot below:

Sell NFT

In this platform, not only tokens but we can event list NFT:


The history page displays all the orders that you have made from this platform. The platform keeps the records of the previous orders and displays them via the History screen:


Currently, Kururu does not charge any fees. However, if we take a look at the screenshot below on the bottom right corner, there is the possibility of the charge being 10 KURU in the future:

Initial lunch Offering

Kururu has a plan to make ILO on FoodCourt.finance.


On the future roadmap, Kururu plans to make cross-chain order book and cross-chain swap detail not available.


TG Official English


This is another remarkable Dapp exchange platform that is simple and has a clean UI/UX. The platform specializes in helping us avoid slippage, price impact, and 0.25% swap fees from sandwich bots which is a dangerous issue. I devised this post to make everyone this platform. If people do not make orders then, there is a high possibility that the marketplace may die soon.

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