Kururu the simple order-book Dapp on Binance Smart Chain

Krissanawat Kaewsanmuang
3 min readJul 19, 2021

Kururu is a decentralized application that offers efficient order book creation. The decentralized exchange platform offered by Kururu enables us to create orders to swap tokens.

Let us take an example where we want to swap 1000 BUSD to 1000 USDC in the AMM system. On the original DEX platform, we are bound to face many factors that reduce the final token value such as slippage, price impact, and fees. Also, many price manipulation bots like a sandwich bot. On the Kururu platform, it is guaranteed that you will not have to face such issues.

In this article post, we will walk-through through Kururu platform and explore its features and usage:

Creating Order

From the Home page, we can create the order to trade tokens which is simple and just as in other exchange platforms:

After the successful order creation, we will see the order snippet as shown in the following screenshot:


On the explorer page, we can observe the live market in real-time and make decisions on orders that we want to process. The screenshot of the explorer screen is shown in the screenshot below:

Sell NFT

In this platform, not only tokens but we can event list NFT:


The history page displays all the orders that you have made from this platform. The platform keeps the records of the previous orders and displays them via the History screen:


Currently, Kururu does not charge any fees. However, if we take a look at the screenshot below on the bottom right corner, there is the possibility of the charge being 10 KURU in the future:

Initial lunch Offering

Kururu has a plan to make ILO on FoodCourt.finance.


On the future roadmap, Kururu plans to make cross-chain order book and cross-chain swap detail not available.


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This is another remarkable Dapp exchange platform that is simple and has a clean UI/UX. The platform specializes in helping us avoid slippage, price impact, and 0.25% swap fees from sandwich bots which is a dangerous issue. I devised this post to make everyone this platform. If people do not make orders then, there is a high possibility that the marketplace may die soon.