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Great tutorial man. Thanks a lot for sharing this. I found such great Flutter Fitness templates here. The UI they offer is great and intuitive. The features include everything that your need for a fitness app.

Thanks for sharing this. Lots of knowledge on flutter libraries. You can also take inspiration from some of the most amazing Flutter Fitness templates out there in the market. They offer state of the art UI with fill-fledged features resembling to the original app itself.

Well, I think there is the best way to build a production-ready app it’s buying the premium template. for saves development cost as well as time. There is a lot of premium Flutter fitness templates in the market. You can choose the one providing the best UI and features.

great tutorial looking forward to learning about Flutter from you. also if your looking to build a real-world fitness app. I found some premium Flutter fitness template that can save your time and a ton of development cost.

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What do most people look for when they want to get fit and healthy? Definitely, the fitness applications that provide them with the best workout routines and health instruction to get themselves fit and healthy. But almost every fitness application does that, but we are looking for the ones that provide the best UI design that grabs the users’ eye and indulges them in the best experience. We also look for some robust features that help users manage their fitness routines and get what they want out of the fitness app. …

Instagram has been growing like crazy over the past few years, and one of the key features that have fueled this growth is the famous photo filters. By allowing users to apply various filters to their photos and make them better looking, Instagram has created an amazing product. Any modern photo application must support photo filters nowadays. So, we are going to take a look at how to implement the Instagram photo filters in React Native.

In today’s article, we’re going to be talking about how to implement Instagram photo filters. We’re going to use the react-native-image-filter-kit package.

If you are building a mobile app in Flutter and you are looking to learn how to get the current user location, then this is the tutorial you were looking for.

In the current context, there are numerous applications that make use of the device location service to implement various location-based features in the application. In mobile apps such as delivery app, eCommerce app, booking apps, geolocation apps, etc the location service is very essential. So let’s take a look at how to access the location service of a device to get the current location of the user/device.

In this…

In this article, we are going to learn how to implement beautiful charts in Flutter. Charts are a great visual way to represent any type of data, be it statistical data, financial data, or stats. We are using charts in a lot of our Flutter app templates, and we are going to describe how we implemented them.

When it comes to data visualization or representation in any field, the first thing that comes to our mind is charts. Charts are an effective and efficient mechanism to display statistical data that will not only make it easier to read the data but also compare and contrast. It helps display data in an informative way that makes it easy for readers to comprehend the overall data.

Now that we know the importance of charts in the statistical world, we should also know that charts are very useful to display complex data in mobile applications as well. …

Creating a mobile app that can classify whether or not people are wearing face masks

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Editor’s Note: This tutorial is for demonstration purposes only. All computer vision-based surveillance systems need to be designed and implemented with robust ethical standards, and models should be built in ways that minimize bias. Additionally, for complete guidance on Covid-19 public health standards/guidance, please refer to the documentation provided by the World Health Organization.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, wearing masks in public has been mandatory in most Covid-stricken countries. Some countries even fine people for not wearing a mask.

In places where wearing mask is essential, it could be helpful to identify when people are wearing and are not…

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Today we’re going to draw directions route on a map in React Native, showcasing the path between two different locations. We’re going to make use of react-native-maps which is a powerful library, allowing us to draw polylines between multiple coordinates. We are also going to use Google Directions API, in order to fetch precise directions routes between two coordinates.

It is important to note that the react-native-maps library as of the time of this writing only officially supports the polyline module on the latest React Native version due to the increasing changes in the React Native ecosystem that are not…

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